Visit to the Philippines

 From October 19th to 22nd, 2014, J's Avenue chairman, Mr.Nakamura visited the Philippines together with other renowned members of "Shanghai-kai"(which details is given below) group, in order to get the first-hand insight about the Philippines for the company's future overseas expansion.

 While in Sebu, they visited the subsidiary company of Nakanishi Metal Work Co.Ltd. in the Philippines, and received the presentation from the local staff of the company and discussed the management style in the Philippines. 

 Moving to Manila, the capital city, they visited KPMG, which is supporting the companies on the glabal stage, and interviewed with Mr. Bonoan, the head of KPMG Philippines, and moved to the Minitry of Trade and Industry, where they had the honor of meeting with the current minister, Mr. Domingo to exchange the opinions.

 They had a very deep and fruitful 4 days visit to the Philippines.


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About "Shanghai-kai"

 Mr. Ichiryu, ex-official of the MITI and Mr. Makino, the chairman of Iwatani Corporation formed a group to visit and observe first -hand the economic situation of overseas countries. They first visited Shanghai, and that is why they named the group after this first visit. Since then, they visiteted mostly South East countries such as Singpore, Malaysia, Korea and Thailand. They visited the Philippines for the first time. Mr. Nakamura is one of the regular members of "Shanghai-kai" group. Original members of "Shanghai-kai" are as follows:

 Yoshio Ichiryu (President of Ichiryu Associates)
Akitsugu Makino (Chariman of Iwatani Corporation)
Masanori Arimura (ex-official of MPT, ex-Presidnt of NTT Docomo Kansai)
Nobukatsu Morisawa (President of Nihon Trim)
Michio Izuma (ex-Vice president of Fuji Television, ex-Chariman of Kannsai Televsion)
Harukiyo Hirota (Senior managing director of Iwatani Corporation)
Junji Nakamura (Chairman of J's Avenue, Inc.)